Suzie Q’s Cajun Lunch Box is owned and operated by Susan ‘Suzie Q’ Doty. Suzie Q hails from New Orleans, where she was born. A Cordon Bleu graduate, Suzie Q brings a unique, Cajun-inspired style of cooking that she has perfected over the years. Although she can whip up a pot of traditional chicken and sausage gumbo that will make your eyes water and your taste buds dance, Suzie will ‘shake things up a bit’ by introducing new approaches to the old standards. Suzie Q’s Cajun Lunch Box operates from a truck because she is more interested in interacting with ‘real people’ and listening to what they have to say than being hidden back in the kitchen somewhere. Because for anyone who really knows what Cajun cooking is all about, it is not snobby, high-brow refined food: on the contrary, it is hearty, tasty, ‘stick to the ribs’ fare which always tastes better when everyone is ‘passing a good time.’ When you see this fiery redhead working her magic, you will be entertained; and after you taste her food, you will be hooked.

Dat’s what I’m talkin’ bout…..